[MINISTRY] Australia bows to (((8200))) - Israeli "intelligence unit" "extremely important" foreign ops

Zenaan Harkness zen at freedbms.net
Sun Feb 25 17:42:16 PST 2018

Australia bows in thanks to Israeli false flag psy-ops which cause
Australia to bow to Israeli psy-op masters for "extremely important
(to Israel) foreign ops".

'Israel’s Unit 8200 Plays Extremely Important Role in Foreign Ops'

Oh come on‼, but surely Israel would (

Israel's double game with Daesh | Jordan Times

) never (

“Israel's Secret Engagement”: UN Raises Alarm over “Contacts Between
Israeli Forces and Syrian Terrorists including ISIS-Daesh"

) consider (

Syria discovers Israeli arms at Daesh hideout: Video

) embedded (

Israeli commandos save Islamic militants from Syria

) generals (

Updated: Israeli General Captured in Iraq Confesses to Israel-Isis

) with ISIS (

BREAKING!!! Israel Embedded With ISIS in Mosul



Surely not ?‼∅¿¡!



 UN report uncovers Israel's support for terrorist organizations in Syria

 The Conflict in Syria Was Always Israel's War

And Israel even (as we know), get's the US to do its dirty work where it can:

 Russian Journalists Blow Lid Off Alleged US Terrorist Training

>From the SputnikNews article above:

  "Sputnik: This whole incident happened in July of last year, why is
Netanyahu speaking about it just now?"

Answer: because the Israeli double-game of embedded jihadis was a
little too hot back then, it's not quite so hot today, and Israel is
suffering the Endless September of Shoahs right now and is thus
scraping the barrell for any shard of support they can garner :D

So sad. :D :D

Ironically, ISIS also stands for Israeli Secret Intelligence Service.

Glad we cleared up Australia's relationship with Israel - deception,
lies and bullying, to keep us Aussies in tow.

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