[MINISTRY] Hungary: an actual “propaganda film for white Christian Europe”

Zenaan Harkness zen at freedbms.net
Fri Feb 23 14:11:30 PST 2018

Note: this is not satire - there is an actual EU panel making these
actual (quoted) statements. Read it and celebrate Hungary for having
the balls, and ovaries, to say what they want, publicly, despite the
amazing and hard core multi-culti JEUropean backlash against them.

Well Hungary must be reading the Daily S70rm3r and David Duke, having
produced something of an official promotional video for one of their
cities, a “propaganda film for white Christian Europe” - the
characterization by the EU's prestigious European Capitals of Culture
contest panel established to officially created to “celebrate the
cultural features Europeans share.”

The panel's decision is highlighted by the Hungarian city’s mayor Dr
András Cser-Palkovics who highlights that their official video showed
“everyone is white, happy and dancing in the streets” which is simply
too much for 'new Europe'.

You know it must be bad when (((Soros))) opposes it...


Hungarian city excluded from EU culture contest because of ‘too many
happy white people’
The EU panel rejected the city’s bid because its promotional video
was seen as a “propaganda film for white Christian Europe” because
“everyone is white, happy and dancing in the streets.”

  … One of the members of the jury panel that handed down the
  decision to exclude the city and its promotional video, who is also
  a Belgian official, criticized the video as  “propaganda film for
  white Christian Europe” because “everyone is white, happy and
  dancing in the streets.” He said that it portrayed too many
  “crosses and churches” while omitting “the poor and migrants”
  Cser-Palkovics told the Hungarian media at a press conference that
  “we love our city with our temples and our crosses. We love being
  safe, calm, and that people can democratically confess their own
  values.”  He also declared that he will seek an official inquiry in
  the contest’s management.
  “I would like to bring the matter before the general assembly and
  inform all members of the board about the style and content of the
  hearing as well as about practically denying our own culture.”

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