CNN, for that offer you just can't refuse :D

Zenaan Harkness zen at
Thu Feb 22 00:22:05 PST 2018

Welp, welp, welp.  What to say, how to couch bullying?

  “CNN, doxing again, but this to an elderly women.”

No, that's too factual, we need more media grab! :

  “CNN, stalking and harassing elderly woman!”

That'll do grasshopper, that'll do.

CNN seems to have really learned the lesson of the POTUS body slam
meme, where doxing a basement-dwelling deplorable goes down like a
lead balloon with the public, and so should not be done - I mean, the
optics are so ... Main Stream Media like!

I guess this is the "CNN stock price improvement program for dummies"
... or something :D

As one ZeroHedge commenter poignantly points out:

  “So now the Communist Nuuuz Network is tracking down little old
   ladies and hectoring them in front of their own homes?!

   Oh well done, very well

   Whats next, have Mueller indict her as a co-conspirator? ;-)

What's next? CNN digging through Russian garbage dumpsters or
CNN Doxxes Elderly Woman, Badgers At House Over Russian Trolls

Don't forget this little "get out and vote" evil Russian propaganda
video from the comments :)

 Social video about the 2018 Presidential elections

On Wed, Jul 05, 2017 at 10:43:54PM +1000, Zenaan Harkness wrote:
> CNN, having been body slammed by no less than the
> POTUS his self:
>  (Tucker Carlson's version straight outta Kekistan)
> , has decided (that's CNN has decided) that "main stream media
> news outlets making 'offers you can't refuse' to basement dwelling
> deplorable meme creators struggling for a life", is somehow a wise
> thing to do:
>  CONFIRMED: CNN threatens to put US citizen’s life in danger for
>  revenge
> This rock bottom for the very Fake News Network and the Mainstream
> Intimidators. And watching some of Trump's past WWE vids reminds
> us that Idiocracy is not so far from the truth.
> At least the ratings are high:
> and so soon the crowds will roar with a scream of "WINNER" -
> thankfully with memes, at least SOME of the credit will go to
> basement dwelling deplorable meme creators struggling for a life.
> Nice to see a little citizen's coordination on the MSM body slams:
> Moral of this story - when you meme, go hard, go proud and
> go public, or make damn sure your opsec is reasonable.
> Memes .. not child's play ... too dangerous for most, so watch
> your back and patience kekette, patience!

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