[GUNS] Minnesotans demonstrating rationality and sanity - in droves

Zenaan Harkness zen at freedbms.net
Wed Feb 21 15:18:02 PST 2018

Thankfully the "white snow" state (TRIGGER WARNING: snow is white)
has been amping up their public carry and gun ownership permits to
record setting levels.

And another record is being set while they're at it - record low
violent crimes.

Causation is not correlation, but this is a message the anti-gun
"reduce school security to increase school shootings to help our
anti-gun propaganda efforts", "liberal" (what a joke!) lefty
nutjobs need to learn this very lesson (correlation vs causation), so
please, bring it on‼

Minnesota has more guns and less crime
More people are now carrying guns in the state of Minnesota than at
any point in its history and its crime is at a record half century

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