[RUS] IRL, actual Russian troll farm, actually investigated by CNN

Zenaan Harkness zen at freedbms.net
Tue Feb 20 16:31:14 PST 2018

Wow. Just wow. O. M. G. I can't believe it's not journalism. It's,
like, you know, like 2018 already like already like. Like wow!

Everybody's fav MSM monthly rag, that rad JQ-pumping bleeding
edge black hole sucking insanity to infinity, CNN, has actually
investigated an actual Russian troll farm.

These investigative sharks jump hoops to take no prisoners in their
shark jumping exercise - did I mention CNN jumps the shark?

We're talking real life Kremlin catering contracts, to real life
dumpster dive - CNN style FTW‼  There's even a top shelf food pun,
adding a little spice in order to really dish-up CNN's chops in
mashing a juicy smorgasboard of nothing-burgers into some tasty
morsel of high-carb fibre-free entertainment sugar ... without the

Since food-puns are so difficult (hell, I've tried and failed), yet
so hip like, a few folks round these parts ought be up for top-dog
salaries at CNN (who've tried and failed 3 times now to sell
themselves to the highest bidder - I mean ANY bidder - please won't
you bid for CNN?? Pretty please with carbs on top? Perhaps you've got
a bitcoin you could throw their way up to good value?)

There's a ... chance ... you've seen this guy (Matthew Chance)
before, or perhaps his ... luck ... has run out.  There! I did a pun
for y'all!

Infestigative journaljism at its best.

<echo> <echo> <echo> ... laughing their arses off at us ... <///>

CNN Roots Through Russian Garbage, Gets Tossed Out Of Russian "Troll

At least Amurricans are logical (or something):

The Poles want their story told:
‘Polocaust museum’: Polish minister calls for commemoration of
non-Jewish victims of WWII

and the Dutch and the Germans (finally) are getting fed up:
Newcomer Euroskeptic, anti-migrant party jumps to 2nd spot in Dutch


The rightward, "conservative" in some ways, nationalist wave is
heating up.

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