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> Two Hundred Years Together; Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn
> First English translation of censored chapters translated (no cost)
> (Wednesday per week publishing expectation for additional chapters.)
> Translators note:
>    Two Hundred Years Together is a long historical analysis on the
>    history of Jews in Russia, written by Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn. There
>    have been attempts to translate this work into English though we
>    don't have accurate translations of the censored chapters still.
>    Until now.
>    If you're interested in this work, we're publishing translations of
>    censored chapters starting with chapter two here:
>    I would appreciate it if you shared this blog. We have completed
>    several chapters, and will be releasing every Wednesday. The material
>    is strangely relevant to current events today.
>    On behalf of the translator and editor,
>    David Davidson

Russia Insider, with their CNN-sanctioned public discussion of the
JQ, chimes in on one of Solzhenitsyn's most significant works.
Read it while it's still available - all significant reviews are being
censored (removed without notice) on Amazon, the continued official
publishing (sale) of this book is in serious question, Solzhenitsyn's
family does not consent to the English translation, and there's a
general Western firestorm around this book.

The firestorm is understandable of course, since the book is actually
really bad and a complete and obvious fabrication which is why so
many authorities want it buried.

So you should definitely ignore this, nothing to see here and move
along now - Solzhenitsyn is nothing but a rabble rousing fraud who
should be absolutely ignored by all thinking humans - just as well it
was heavily censored from the get go and still suppressed in certain
ways to this day - such bunk must not go unanswered.

What with "nigger" using books like Huckleberry Finn being banned
from American schools, we can finally start to rest easy in the
knowledge that that which we ought not be reading, is finally being
removed from the public's attention.
Solzhenitsyn's Damning History of the Jews in Russia - a Review

  "Published in the original Russian in 2002, the book was
  received with a firestorm of rage and denunciation from the
  literary and media world, from the Jews, and from almost the
  entire intelligentsia of the established order in the West…

  Immense efforts have been made by the Russian authorities
  and also by the Western liberal democratic power structure
  to ignore 200 YEARS TOGETHER, to suppress it as much as
  possible, and above all to prevent and interdict the book’s
  translation into foreign languages, most especially into
  English, which has become essentially the worldwide
  language of our epoch…

  The Russian authorities have to this date refused to
  allow any official English translation of the book to
  be published". (p. 2).

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