Bitcoin Private Denies Fraud Allegations and Calls for Halt to BTCP Trading

Punk punks at
Fri Dec 28 15:52:43 PST 2018

Zen wrote: 

> > j:
> > I didn't twist anything. I used BTC as an example to show
> > what 'only' 10% of THEFT can look like. What about "only 10%"
> > inflation of the dollar supply? How much THEFT would that be? 

> The issue is as the users decide.

	That would be true in an ideal scenario where all users
	unanimously agree. Keyword : ideal. In the real world there's
	no such agreement. 

> Some alt coins are designed with inflation built in, some with
> deflation, some with intention for stability.

	there's no such 'statbility' and inflation always implies
	transfer of value. 

> When one particular construct is hacked outside of its foundation
> intention that can of course be argued to be theft, 

	Exactly what happened in this case. 

> at the very least
> "change of contract", 

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