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> > https://mobile.twitter.com/nathanielpopper/status/1076576924032331776/photo/1
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> > 	so that's a journo from the joo york times saying that Tim May said this
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> > 
> > https://pbs.twimg.com/media/DvDE58vVAAA9Ob-.jpg:small
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> > 	Is there any actual source for that 'quote' apart from a twatter picture?
> > 
> > 	by the way, why does the journo put a picture? Is it because if he wrote "nigger/spick" then he would be automatically banned by twatter's "artiifical intelligence(LMAO)" censoring bot?
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> I have met May in person.  Sounds like him.
> We are increasingly see the invaders feel like invaders, identify in their own
> minds as coming here to conquer and expel us, and we are increasingly seeing
> politicians, largely Democratic Party politicians, identify with and support
> this identity and goal, hoping to expel the deplorables, increasingly seeing
> hostile attacks of vandalism and assault on white people motivated by identity
> politics.
> Reflect on the murder Kathryn Steinle on the Embarcadero by Francisco Sanchez.
> Looks like he murdered her because hew as an invader-American and she was
> white, and whatever his motives for the murder, he was acquitted because he
> was an invader-American and she was white.
> We are seeing a political leadership that wants us to be somehow not around
> any more, a political leadership that is fine with rape, murder, and slavery,
> provided the right people are doing the raping and murder, the right people
> are being murdered and enslaved.
> https://winteryknight.com/2013/07/01/why-two-dads-are-better-than-one-pro-gay-adoption-abc-profile-of-convicted-pedophile-mark-newton/
> The cost of housing reflects the fact that deplorables, bitter clingers, and
> Trump voters are being driven out of the places that they built and not
> allowed to build new places.

Stone retracts UVA rape story : MensRights - reddit

Also, dolphins "apparently" "gang rape" a female dolphin from time to
time - separating her from the others (of their whole group/ pod) and
"hunting her down" thus "wearing her out until she can no longer
defend herself/ stop herself from getting gang raped by half a dozen
male dolphins", although she "struggles mightily" to avoid the gang
rape by at the last swimming upside down near the water's surface (so
she can still breathe, whilst avoiding being "raped"), when,
eventually, she turns up right and the male dolphins "rape" her.

Of course, this literal human spin is a rape fantasy projected onto
dolphins, which may trivially be "spun" a different way:

 - fertile female dolphin is coy with the virile males in her pod

 - she can't wait for them to make a move as they are so interested
   merely eating more fish

 - SO, she takes off in classic youthful game of tag

 - she and the half dozen males play youthful and vigorous version of
   rough and tumble dolphin tag since (as they learned as juveniles)
   is just so much dang fun to play, especially now they are of
   fertile breeding age and there's all the sexual overtones

 - now they've played so much rough and tumble tag that they're all a
   quite worn out, and wanting to really savour the climactic event
   of mating with her suitors, she takes a little rest for a minute
   or three by swimming with her belly to the sky near the surface of
   the water, probably also savouring the fantastic warmth of the
   tropic sun on her belly and pubis, with spectacular sun rays
   sparkling in the water that gently laps over her as she rests

 - finally, games played, rest had, they all know the moment has
   arrived, she turns right way up and one by one, the virile young
   males mate with the beautiful young female

 - afterward they all bask in the glow of the wonder of their
   existence, grateful to be alive, ever so happy to be around one
   another, and looking forward to the baby dolphins to arrive in
   some months time

Beauty, sensuality, rough and tumble play, literal games of tag, coy
"avoidance" of the virile males by the fertile female, fantastic
sunny and watery paradise in which to play and wile away the summar

Yet in the face of such beauty, some humans find evil and darkness,
despotism and "repeated gangs of train-raping dolphins".

Go figure...

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