Freedom breeds freedom - direct, group action - home schooling

Zenaan Harkness zen at
Wed Dec 26 11:26:42 PST 2018

Direct action of various sorts - from certain protests to citizens
referenda, home schooling and growing your own food - is the
foundational antidote to complaints of demoncratic government and it
many attendant evils.

Sometimes as seen below, one form of direct action, in this case home
schoolers being literally harassed and handcuffed by the state of
Massachusetts, leads to another form of direct action - group unity
and protests, at least one court case in this instance, and the
consequent group dynamic/cohesion and consequent increase in people
power which would be unlikely WITHOUT the madness brought down by the
state "education" department.

There's just a tiny 'nother step which would be good for the pepes to
witness within their own journey - win one battle decisively and the
group can leverage their new found strength and cohesion into another
battle - whichever one floats the boat of the group (although
prudence would suggest don't directly take on the banks until you are
with a significant force of numbers (people) - better to keep
chipping away at the state impositions against normal human behaviour
such as growing your own food and medicine, bearing arms, engaging in
trade and commerce, building your own homes, educating your own
children, collecting your own water and travelling anonymously
amongst your community.

Ego disputes of one or two, and subsequent apathy amongst the many
(in any particular group) is typically the downfall of our would be
grass roots freedom livers/ freedom establisherers, so don your
humble hat of cooperative intention whilst naming those human foibles
as and immediately when they appear, thereby holding your group to
its higher intentions.

Good luck and create your world,

Handcuffed for Homeschooling? Paperwork Dispute Gets Ugly

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