Bitcoin Private Denies Fraud Allegations and Calls for Halt to BTCP Trading

juan juan.g71 at
Wed Dec 26 11:25:31 PST 2018

On Wed, 26 Dec 2018 02:41:58 -0500
grarpamp <grarpamp at> wrote:

> The problem is not so much that there were 2 million
> inflationary coins mined (10% is nothing 
	LMAO!!!! Some criminal scum STOLE 10% of the supply but that's 'nothing' 

> to markets and
> buried in noise of natural adoption and volatility movements)

	priceless - where do you get this shit from grarpamp? =) 

> Also laughable they want to aggress and criminally prosecute
> whodunit... 

	WHAAA.  'misguided' people want to 'aggress' against piece of shit thieving scumbags. Peopel want to interfere with the right of thieves to steal!!! What a repugnant idea.

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