Bitcoin Private Denies Fraud Allegations and Calls for Halt to BTCP Trading

grarpamp grarpamp at
Tue Dec 25 23:41:58 PST 2018

On 12/25/18, jim bell <jdb10987 at> wrote:

The problem is not so much that there were 2 million
inflationary coins mined (10% is nothing to markets and
buried in noise of natural adoption and volatility movements)
users can deal with that... but that the devs (with others)
are calling for shutdown / panic which trends users
value even closer to zero. Also remember the
ETC DAO -> ETH rewind... BTCP is now forking to kill all
existing zaddr's, possibly kill all unmoved coins, and even
rewind some history, thus zeroing and forcing exposure
of legit users in the process, wiping contracts, etc.

It doesn't revert or solve the already exchanged coins,
doesn't stop whodunit from shifting to taddr's or offchain
before the production rollout, hurts legit users, and makes
devs liable for reimbursing the legit users they forcefully zero
(this cannot be understated, nor can they actually reimburse
them with and under equivalent privacy expectations).
And lots more problems that any "solution" has.

Also laughable they want to aggress and criminally prosecute
whodunit... whodunit stole from no one, and used the coin
as per the code. Best case is a silly tort for 10%, which any
competent crypto-anarchist mediator, voluntarily chosen by
the parties, would likely throw out on principle. Nor would
legits care to expose themselves in order to receive such
trivial award, better they just HODL and work for adoption
gains, or sell out and pick up a better coin.

Unless a bug would destroy or make a coin worse than
say Fiat for all users, the better thing to do is fix it and
continue on. Best consider this bug bounty claimed by
whodunit. Not to mention this bug window already ended
before BTCP went live.

It's not whodunit that damaged the network, or aggressed
legit users, it's the devs... they need to stick to dev, not
playing in coin meatspace... that belongs to the markets
to sort out.

Other than educational to the entire cryptocurrency world,
this situation seems moot and stupid.

Coinbase input: "<coins> + ZKP" is a nice coin privacy
concept, someone still needs to do it right, and many
existing coins can be imported into new coins using it.
BTCP only imported ZCL and BTC, did not have ZKP
Sapling, or very many updates since original codebase.

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