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Tue Dec 25 17:12:51 PST 2018

On 26/12/2018 06:46, John Young wrote:
> Tim relished hurling offensive language in the way Trump (and a slew of 
> others) do against herdish PC. But he does not curse and spout 
> vulgarities as if linguistic propriety enhances credibility, hard to 
> imagine him bragging of grabbing pussies.

Trump's vulgarity conveys a vital and important truth.

No one gets charged with rape for actually raping women, no one gets 
charged with sexual harassment for actually sexually harassing women.

If you are sufficiently alpha, you *can* grab them by the pussy.

Casual observation and common sense is that all charges of sexual 
harassment are lustful women shit testing hapless timid men, and those 
timid men failing their shit tests.

This anecdotal evidence is confirmed by statistical evidence, in that 
female majority workplaces have a much larger proportion of females 
claiming sexual harassment than male majority workplaces.

Similarly, most rape complaints are actually lack of rape complaints.

The university of Virginia dealt with a big pile of rape and sex 
complaints, and dismissed every single one without disciplinary action. 
So Rolling Stone investigated University of Virginia looking for poster 
girls and trouble, came up empty.

Worse than empty, came up with what was very obviously some woman's rape 
fantasy.  As I said when the "rape on campus" article first appeared, it 
read as if typed up one handed.  Reading the article, it was obvious 
that if there really was a college fraternity of high status white males 
who were so high status they could get away with brutally and savagely 
glass raping women, and so manly that they were apt to do so, the women 
who wrote the article would be hanging around the frat house with 
glasses in both hands.

Similarly Crystal Mangum had semen from five men in her when she 
complained of being raped by the Lacrossw team - none of it from members 
of the Lacrosse team.

Chances are if the Lacrosse team had gang banged her good and hard they 
would have had no problems, for the guys who did gang bang her good and 
hard had no problems.

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