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>>>> Snowflakes rejoice 
>>> Naturally, the "people with fascist tendencies" probably called
>>> themselves "anti-fascists".
>>> A comment I read recently:   'Fascists' are classified into two
>> groups: 
>>> 'Fascists' and 'Anti-Fascists'.
>> Dr. Lawrence Britt studied the fascist regimes of Hitler (Germany),
>> Mussolini (Italy), Franco (Spain), Suharto (Indonesia), and Pinochet
>> (Chile), Dr. Britt found they all had 14 elements in common. He calls
>> these the identifying characteristics of fascism.


> Reads alot like Eco.
> "Fascism" isn't the ONLY word being orwellianly redefined. "Nationalism" has been touted in the media as a fascist trait when in reality parts of that trait, such as traditionalism and patriotism are used as TOOLS by fascists. Nationalism isn't fascism... It isn't even an ideology.
> Other, less notable words are being redefined even as I type. Frinstance, 
> "considering"

No surprise there, pulling a battalion strength force out of a country
the size of Syria presents as less than a drop in a bucket.  The whole
U.S. mission in Syria consists of destabilizing the country to prevent
construction of gas and oil pipelines.  With plenty of "friendlies"
already in-country, all it takes is money, guns, and phoned-in tactical
intelligence and movement orders.

> "Envoy"

"Envoy" typically refers to a diplomatic representative; it sort of
makes sense to me that the U.S. would send an envoy to ISIS, given that
the Obama/Trump Administration offered the said mercenary force a chunk
of Syria as a country of their very own, provided they could take and
hold it.

> That one is exceptionally hilarious.
> And this phrase
> Rr

Applying the term "populist" to the billionaire funded, propaganda
driven Trump Fan Club presents a bizarre non-sequitur.  "Populism" has
always indicated an exercise in direct democracy, historically
associated with liberal, pacifist and environmentalist causes.

The Synonyms of "Activist" per Merriam-Webster:

addict, bigot, bug, crank, crazy, demon, devotee, enthusiast, extremist,
fiend, fool, freak, maniac, militant, monomaniac, nut, radical,
ultraist, visionary, zealot

Not listed  as synonyms for "Activist":

advocate, champion, engaged, leader, motivated, populist, pro-active,

Do the missing terms qualify as synonyms for "activist"?  Advocate as in
one who advocates for a cause or position, Engaged as in one who
actively takes part, Champion as in one who fights for a cause, Leader
as in one who takes the lead, Motivated as in up on your feet and down
to the street, Populist as in for the people, Pro-Active as in not
waiting for others to act, Self-starter as in taking personal initiative.

I guess it all depends on what one's definition of "is" is.


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