Cryptocurrency: BCH puts UTXO Set on IPFS, OpenSwap Atomic DEX, The 51%

grarpamp grarpamp at
Thu Dec 20 00:47:11 PST 2018

>> blockchain history is not really needed...
> it isn't? So how do you verify supply?
> actually I should have asked - how do you know you have a valid utxo set?
> The whole point of downloading and validating a chain is to get a valid utxo set.

Consensus perhaps need not be confined only over tx into blocks,
could be extended over other data and knowledge into blocks,
such as of hashes over utxo set computed at checkpoints.
Could utilize already trusted consensus mechanism (10 years
and billions current value) to make skipping genesis validation
possible... perhaps even tx stream feeding diffs to database

Alternatively, how do you know you have a valid
genesis block and network view? PKI? MITM?
Equivalent lols.

Read the papers for actual answers.

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