Documentary: Stateless - Anarchy Emigrates by Todd Schramke

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Mon Dec 17 23:26:05 PST 2018

> selling land that casey got from his
> political accomplices in salta, argentina.

> selling citizenship/passports

Those are always scammy, costly, risky.

> 'libertarian' project in chile that ended up in outright fraud.

So many claims of docs / litigation that never come to light.
There are a few sites and videos still out there on it.

All viable land is owned and taxed, highly unlikely anyone
be much in or upon it without standard Embassy route,
or negotiating [allodial] title / buyout with same (good luck).

Then, at the midwinter [1085], was the king in Gloucester with his
council ... . After this had the king a large meeting, and very deep
consultation with his council, about this land; how it was occupied,
and by what sort of men. Then sent he his men over all England into
each shire; commissioning them to find out "How many hundreds of hides
were in the shire, what land the king himself had, and what stock upon
the land; or, *what dues he ought to have by the year from the
The primary purpose of the survey was to ascertain and record the
fiscal rights of the king. These were mainly:
    the national land-tax (geldum), paid on a fixed assessment,
    certain miscellaneous dues, and
    the proceeds of the crown lands.

Millenia of DNA have this concept, again, good luck, best chance:
outright greed.

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