BCH finally hit the fan

grarpamp grarpamp at gmail.com
Mon Dec 17 21:47:36 PST 2018

> creating a tool to murder people


AP is really only invoked as legitimate defensive action
to aggression, as would any other existing and well
calibrated natural response to same.

Most fail to recognize the important early mechanism of AP...
that *well* before such defensive measures need or are ever
applied, before any exact prediction is made, an AP system
properly acts in its native form as a strong and escalating
*discouragement* to those considering or acting out various
levels of aggression, theft, force, murder, etc upon others.

Simply put, any would be aggressor would be crazy
to risk continuing down a course of action that might
attract any number of rational funders and predictors
into the market.

For the vast majority of situations, the very few proof
of functions warranted upon defense aside,
AP could be a rather effective and in fact nonviolent
tool for change for the better

Two other often noted scenarios are...
- Boss equivalents playing game of Mutual Assured Destruction
among themselves... often a generally pointless expense to begin with.
- Random statistical noise of cheap / easy predictions accepted by
nutbags, crack addicts, oppurtunity, fame, etc. That's the game called
life, no different than all of history, AP is agnostic and moot there.
Try funding predictions for mental and physical healthcare, work,
housing, defense, whatever, to lower those rates of occurance.

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