Documentary: Stateless - Anarchy Emigrates by Todd Schramke

grarpamp grarpamp at
Mon Dec 17 20:37:20 PST 2018

>> These guys are a joke, trying to capitilize on anarchy to push forward
>> their own agentas. I am disgusted.
> Is there any transparency

Anarchism is free to capitalize, agenda, critique, and disclose.
Does such localized voluntary hierarchical capitalism offend anarchism?
To charge for IRL experience, or go nonprofit cost recovery, or pro bono?
Did anyone get assaulted or stolen from?
Are you not free to anarchoforko yet again, to spawn whatever?
If not free to coexist and do all these, then what is this anarchism
fakery you preach?

If you want the message of any form of anarchism to
spread and be heard and freely invite everyone to it, then
you're also free to critique and advise whatever organizers
around the world on how best might do that.

Concerning availability for distribution by everyone of needed
anarchism message... one might only really object to the
timelocking, sequestering, and charging for non live realtime
stream immediately post conference access to all conference
multimedia proceedings... ie: video, audio, papers, slides.
Denying the world free access to that, before any degree
of majority mainstream adoption, could perhaps be shameful
and antiproductive to rapidly spreading message of anarchism,
in many fora, freely by many, as they see fit.

False messages need secrecy and paywalls to control critique.
Truth stands and lives well in the open.

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