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> 1. The investigators can’t admit they are being told to buzz off.
> 2. Because it is so secret that the whole village knows about it and is participating in the conspiracy.
> 3. That after divine intervention their attitude is “it got real”
> Ten years eh? Anyway, the US government burnt a few exploits on me, but I just... disconnected the ethernet cable? So they decide to hack me through my Logitech unifying receiver?
> Well, the government will claim this is BS, but then I’m just saying... the US government knew. And does nothing. They need some real oversight.
> “Well, you see, we don’t have to respond to this, or react in anyway, or flinch, because we’re only accountable to the American people, and they don’t know anything.”
> It shall be through the power of God that the CNN feed shall cut out on Sunday.
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