How women bond in sex - oxytocin - On the re-establishment of child marriage

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Wed Dec 12 20:27:36 PST 2018

On 11/12/2018 05:34, Zenaan Harkness wrote:

>    It is reasonable to look at the practices of ancient Judaism for
>    cultural considerations on the proper age for marriage.  According
>    to tradition, boys were not considered “men,” and therefore not
>    marriageable, until the age of 13. Girls were not considered
>    “women” until age 12.

This supposedly ancient tradition seems to be nineteenth century with 
some rather thin justifications claiming it is twelfth century.

It is clearly post biblical.  It was not in effect during the fourth 
century, when in the event of real or reasonably suspected sexual 
misconduct, the offenders got "sanctified" like it or not.

Women rather like serial monogamy.  If women get sexual choice, if they 
are free to always be on the prowl to trade up, rather than stuck with 
the first guy they have sex with, you get women defecting on men, men 
respond by defecting on women first (spin plates) in the reasonable 
expectation that women are likely to defect on them, so you always need 
a few spares in the kitty.

So, have to enforce on women the old testament rule that they are stuck 
with the first guy they have sex with.

If you enforce that rule, then in an alarmingly large minority of cases, 
you will find that the first guy they have sex with, they have sex with 
him at a disturbingly young age, Disney  princess age, well before puberty.

Thus societies that attempt to enforce that rule tend to lock up their 
daughters starting one or two years before Disney princess age, but this 
fails surprisingly often, so if you attempt enforce virgin marriage, you 
really have to allow marriage long before puberty in problem cases, and 
indeed quite forcefully impose marriage long before puberty in a 
minority of problem cases.

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