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>> Secondly, I did in fact comment. 

 >   Yes, my bad and I apologize. 

>> See the reference above to the movie, Dr. Strangelove.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ybSzoLCCX-Y&t=94s      At 4:13.   Maybe you (maybe even the large majority of you?)  are just way too young to have seen this movie. 

 >   haha I wish I was way too young  - Anyway, I know the movie is a classic of sorts. I think it's an anti war movie to some degree. And i even tried watching it a while back but didn't find it interesting (but maybe I should try again)
I was instantly clued-in when I saw the use of the word, "gap".  "mine-shaft gap" and "missile gap" came to mind.  
While I generally like the way society and technology is progressing, one seemingly minor exception involves the esoteric question, "How do people have access to old movies?"   As I pointed out, TV stations used to play old (non-current-run) movies for free (although with commercials) extensively.  How do we watch, today, movies like Dr. Strangelove?   Is it available at the local used-DVD shop?  (I haven't looked.)
Okay, Youtube a few years ago shifted movies to a pay-model, see:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=her67M_clPc   Problem is, notice that the price for this movie is $3.99.   That's pretty much the same price as all the other old movies.  Sounds artificial: While some relatively recent movies might be worth that price, I think one dollar (or less) should be the going rate for old movies from before, say, the year 2000.  
I have Netflix, but they are far from being a complete stock of all old movies.  There are apparently other, similar services.  But again, I doubt whether any of them are close to having "every old movie ever made".  
             Jim Bell
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