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> > When Apple's CEO Tim Cook says "the free market is not working," bad things are coming.
> Anyone with half a brain and a thought to look has long ago figured
> out that Tim Cook is a technocrat who wouldn't know a free market if
> it jumped up and down on his bunions.

	the leader of the crapple mafia (CAPPL), sir cook, understands pretty well what a free market is BECAUSE his business bodel is wholly based on subverting the free market and preventing it from ever existing.

	That's just as true regarding bezos, thiel and all the rest of sillicon valley mafiosi and NSA agents. 

	As to the bag of shit gillespie, author of that little propaganda piece, he is even more anti free market than cook. The only 'funny' thing about the article is seeing how treason magazine is more corporatist than its corporatist masters. There are for instance articles from scumbag gillespie whining because facebook doesn't censor 'enough' people. 

	 Funnily enough the people who don't have the slightest clue about the nature of a real free market is the vast majority of self described 'libertarians'.
	And the complete cluelessness of these 'libertarians' is perfectly illustrasted by the ayn randroid slogan  

	"America's Persecuted Minority: Big Business" 

> Kurt

	So Kurt, what do you think about America's Big Business and Reason Magazine? 

	Same question for Jim Bell.

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