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On 12/7/18 11:53 PM, juan wrote:
> 	To Steve K.
> 	minute 55:10 snowden says that the jew york times, der spiegel, washington post and the intercept all have many unpublished documents from his 'stash'(not sure if that's the word he uses)
> 	anyway, at this point nothing of what snowden says is 100% to be trusted, but at any rate that matches what I remembered about the documents being sort of 'distributed'....among a bunch of journo scumbags. For what it's worth.

I recall Snowden saying that he gave all the documents he had to
Greenwald, explaining that he did not consider himself qualified to
determine which were of "legitimate" public interest, or where to send
them for publication.

Greenwald distributed the PRISM documents to several press outlets, at
least one of which edited them before release per side by side
comparison of published versions.  (Or, more than one version was
distributed by Greenwald for whatever reason.)

So it seems likely that Snowden got his information about how and where
the documents were forwarded to news outlets from Greenwald himself.
Given The Intercept's track record, I know that Greenwald can not be
trusted (check how The Intercept deliberately burned Reality Winner),
and his changing stories early in the Snowden Affair indicate either
incompetence or lies.

This leaves us to speculate about what documents were sent where, based
on information filtered through one (Greenwald > Public) or two
(Greenwald > Snowden > Public) unreliable sources.


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