BCH finally hit the fan

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 On Saturday, December 8, 2018, 7:37:50 AM PST, John Newman <jnn at synfin.org> wrote:

> On Dec 7, 2018, at 12:37 PM, furrier <furrier at protonmail.ch> wrote:
>> I will disagree with you here. Craig may be an idiot and
>> the fact that he holds patents makes him dangerous but he
>> does not have the network effect that the BCH "community" has.
>> They are all over the place when it comes to fake
>> libertarianism. I attended Anarchapulco last February, these

>Did you get to watch Jim Bell speak ?  :P

My speech at Anarchapulco 2018 was punctuated by two memorable things:  One, an audio artifact "gunshot", which they informed me that had occurred with at least one previous speaker as well.  The second, about 5 minutes before my speech was intended to end, was an earthquake, maybe it was magnitude 7, but the epicenter was a hundred or so miles south of Acapulco, so it was only a mild shaking locally.  
Still, it was quite memorable.  
                      Jim Bell  
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