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Seems like normal competitive business practices.

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> [partial quote follows]
> As expected, the UK Parliament has released a set of internal Facebook
> emails that were seized as part of its investigation into the company's
> data-privacy practices. The 250-page document, which includes conversations
> between Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg and other high-level executives, is a
> window into the social media giant's ruthless thinking from 2012 to 2015 --
> a period of time when it was growing (and collecting user data) at an
> unstoppable rate. While Facebook was white-listing companies like Airbnb,
> Lyft and Netflix to get special access to people's information in 2013, it
> went out of its way to block competitors such as Vine from using its tools.
> When Twitter launched Vine, the app had access to Facebook's Friends API,
> which let Vine users see which of their Facebook friends were using the
> then-new app. But after approval from Zuckerberg himself, that access was
> cut off. "Unless anyone raises objections, we will shut down their [Vine's]
> Friends API access today. We've prepared reactive PR, and I will let Jana
> know our decision," Justin Osofsky, Facebook's vice president of global
> operations and media partnerships, said in an email at the time. Zuckerberg
> replied, "Yup, go for it."
> [end of partial quote]
>             Jim Bell
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