Cryptocurrency: Right to Secede w Tucker and Epstein, Crypto Infiltrated and Forked

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Tue Dec 4 15:30:27 PST 2018

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	grarpamp, it doesn't sound as if you have the faintest clue regarding who that piece of scum tucker is 

	here's some basic information for you  - look at this fascist vomit from tucker.

	"Who are the capitalist folk heroes of our time? The Social Network is a film that celebrates one of the greats, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg." 

	So it's a self-evident truth that tucker is just a 'narcho' fascist bot, and  he's a 'narcho' catholic to boot. He's clearly as far as it's possible to be from any sort of libertarian philosophy. 

	grarpamp, you should research fake libertarians (like tucker) - they are very nasty and dangerous. 


	tell us about roger ver and roger ver's 'ex' friend/accomplice, the widely known fraudster craig wright? Tell us about their 'hash war', the apparent fact that their hash war lead to ~40% crash in BTC price and 75% crash in his own 'altcoin' known as BCH, bcash, or better, bcrash. 

	So again, you should research fake libertarians to appreciate the irony of a piece of scum like tucker babbling about 'infiltrating' anything. 


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