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10 Things Anyone Can Do To Help McAfee 2020
Rob Loggia Dec 18, 2018

It is better to be a flamboyant failure than any kind of benign success.
Malcom McLaren

As we prepare to enter 2019, Team McAfee 2020 has been working behind
the scenes to launch a campaign for President of the United States
such as the nation has never seen before. Public enthusiasm for this
campaign is already very much in evidence, with offers to help rolling
in every day. We are working to get the infrastructure in place to
handle the efficient and successful leveraging of this mass of
humanity, but there is no need to wait to get to work.

One of the obstacles facing any effort involving volunteer labor is
contending with Talkers while trying to retain enough mental and
physical energy to empower Doers. Campaigns need Doers to function.
Unfortunately, for every Doer that steps up, at least 10 Talkers also
show, eager to waste vast reserves of time and resources proving to
others how brilliant they are. They may be well intentioned, they may
be sincere supporters, but this only makes them all the more difficult
to handle with dispatch.

This list is for the Doers. The power we are seeking to unleash with
the 2020 campaign is not the power of John McAfee. It is the power of
the individual – the power in each of us – this is the only fire that
can become large enough to consume the blight on our land. This
campaign is about YOU, and claiming ownership over your person and
your destiny. Waiting for permission to get involved well… frankly
that won’t do.

The 10 suggestions listed below are just that – suggestions. Our
candidate has made clear that what he is after with this campaign is
the greatest possible amount of national attention. If you have an
idea on how to move the ball, don’t wait for permission. Do it! Do it

Here are 10 specific things, however, that would be a tremendous help
immediately and throughout. Some are so obvious that the importance
can be overlooked, and the little things you could be doing to help us
are left undone. If you are serious about changing the face of this
nation, of restoring the dignity and sovereignty of the individual,
and helping John McAfee seize the national attention – start here.
Print this list and go out and do.

We’ll soon have a website up for the campaign, along with a volunteer
form. We have an enormous tent, and we encourage everyone to sign up
and join the campaign team. But even then, our success will depend
greatly on the individuals that take what has been said here
seriously. The decentralized column of our campaign has the greatest
potential energy in store, and we wish to fully realize that energy.

So without further adieu, here are 10 things that would really help us out.

Make a realistic forecast and budget

One of the obstacles we saw during the 2016 campaign was people
showing up wanting to help, but in the end proving ineffective due to
other commitments or lack of personal funding. We all have to work,
have families, obligations, etc. We also know what our lives cost to
live, and how much we bring in. An important first step to
successfully helping the campaign, as opposed to just volunteering, is
to take the time to do a realistic assessment of both.

With this assessment in hand, you can begin to budget an appropriate
amount of time and resources towards volunteering. Some people will
have more time then others, and that is just fine. If you only have 5
minutes a week to spare, you can still do valuable work for the
campaign. And if you’re realistic about only being able to spare that
much, the odds increase that you will use that time wisely.

Unfulfilled promises don’t help the campaign, or the individual making
them. Be realistic about what you can do, and then budget your time
and resources to make good on your offer.

Join our online community (Discord)

One of our volunteers has set up a discord server for the campaign to
use. In addition to announcements and campaign information, this will
be the place to meet like-minded people to collaborate with. If you
don’t use Discord yet, it is easy enough to learn, install and use for
even basic internet users.

Join our community by using this link:

Contact media outlets and personalities

Our campaign depends on attention, and the media is still the best
source of public attention in American society. Now would be a great
time to start reaching out to your favorite media outlets, shows and
personalities and letting them know that you’d like to see John McAfee
on their show.

The larger outlets may not respond directly to you, but make no
mistake: they are seeing them. If enough people express this desire,
it will force them to at least consider the possibility. Campaign
leadership will be making our own overtures, and every email and phone
call in support of our position helps that process immensely.

Start a PAC

A political action committee (PAC) is an organization that pools
campaign contributions from members and can donate to a campaign, or
spend money in support of a campaign but independently of the
candidate or political party. In other words, there is no limit on
what a PAC can spend to influence an election in favor of a candidate.
The only stipulation is that there can be no direct collusion between
the PAC and the campaign.

We intend to comply fully with this restriction, but our campaign is
completely unaffected by it. We embrace decentralized action, and do
not need to control the actions of others. People that take the time
to start a PAC in favor of McAfee 2020 will be helping us
tremendously. We know you will find ways to use that money to bring us
the attention we need.

For those that are interested, here are some resources on starting a
PAC or Super PAC.

Medium Article
FEC Official Website

Grassroots messaging and recruiting

The cornerstone of any campaign, or any human endeavor for that
matter, is people. As Joe Strummer so wisely put it: Without people
you’re nothing.

The cheapest, easiest way to help McAfee 2020 is simply to talk about
it. Take it out into the world with you – do not leave it for the
internet alone. Talk to friends, family, the guy at the deli counter –
anyone that will give you the time of day and a few minutes more. Let
them know WHY you support McAfee 2020 and everything we stand for.
Help them understand why they should too.

When you find people who will listen, consider, and perhaps even
decide that they like what they hear, point them in our direction.
Once the campaign site is live, you can send them there. In the
meantime, give them this list and put them to work.

Join the LP and tell them why

Our intention is to seek the nomination of the Libertarian Party in
2020, as was done in 2016. A great way to support the campaign is to
join the Libertarian Party, at the state and national levels, and tell
them why you are joining. Include “I’m here for McAfee” with your
registration and payment to make sure leadership there knows why you
are joining.

For existing members, take the opportunity to renew your memberships
and include the same messaging with your renewal.

If enough people take this critical step, it will send a loud and
clear message to the party leadership – one they sorely need to hear.

Consider being a Libertarian delegate in 2020

Even more vital than membership are the voting delegates at the
nominating convention. The convention will be held in Austin, Texas in
2020, and delegates are responsible for their own travel and boarding.
Delegates are all free agents – none are committed at the time of
convention. They may vote their conscience on that day.

What our campaign needs, perhaps more than anything else, is
individuals committed to the idea of seeing John McAfee on the
national stage in 2020 to go through the process and become a voting
delegate. We need these individuals to be willing and able to travel
to the convention for the nominating vote and pull the switch for

The Libertarian Party Radical Caucus has published a guide to the
steps required to become a delegate. As we get closer, the campaign
will also provide information and resources to faciliate this process.
But now is the time to begin considering if this is something you can
do. Our success depends on a critical mass of people taking this
important step.

Double down on social media

Social media platforms are perhaps the single most consulted data
source for determining audience size and engagement in our modern
world. Accounts with an active community that shares and reinforces
source posts demonstrate a committed and powerful community. This is
the message we wish to send to the entire world.

Taking the time to follow important campaign accounts, signing up for
new platforms if necessary, helps grow the audience size. Liking and
sharing content spreads the word in a wider radius and demonstrates
support. These are vital interactions that may be inherently trivial,
but that also have far reaching consequences.

If you only have 5 minutes a week to spend helping the campaign, this
is how we would ask you to spend them. Add your momentum to our
messaging, and amplify our campaign for more of the world to see. You
will be helping us more than you know.

Important accounts you can start following right away:

Official John McAfee Twitter
Campaign Facebook page
Twitter, Campaign Manager Rob Loggia
Twitter, Campaign Media Director Janice McAfee
Twitter, Youth Coordinator Zoe Nawar

Start a campaigning jar

If you started today and put $1 in a jar every day, you would have
roughly $500 saved by the time the Libertarian Party holds the
nominating convention in June 2020. If you can’t manage $1, put in
what you can manage, but do it consistently. You still will have saved
some effective mass of money.

$500 may not seem like a lot, but if you are considering becoming a
delegate this could be your travel money. You could donate it to a PAC
supporting the campaign, or to the campaign itself should we decide to
accept campaign donations this time.

Or you could get creative, and figure out how to best spend that money
to help our goal. Maybe have bumper stickers, lawn signs or shirts
made, and hand them out. Perhaps there will be opportunities to pool
your saved resources with other individuals, enough to fund some
spectacle or attention-getting stunt that can bring the campaign
attention. Or maybe it will just allow you to travel to a campaign

Either way, it is better to have some money in your pocket when
setting out to accomplish something. This is an easy way to ensure
that you do. We can’t tell you how to use this money. We can’t even
tell you TO use it. This is just a friendly suggestion.

If you do decide to start a campaigning jar, download this nifty lable
and print it to paste on the jar. Put it somewhere you will see it
every day, like next to the toilet. Now you will never forget.

Learn about cryptocurrency

A major focus of the 2020 campaign will be on cryptocurrency. We
believe that cryptocurrency offers a unique historical opportunity to
the individual – a chance to liberate one’s self, without violence,
and to become more free. Money drives everything in this world, and
represents the strongest of the chains bound upon us by out-of-control
government. We aim to break that chain for as many people as possible
by helping them become familiar and comfortable with a technology that
can empower them to do it.

But misinformation abounds, and the people in control of money in the
present day are predictably employing a full court press of Fear,
Uncertainty and Doubt to discourage people from adopting this
technology. Therefore, if you are out stumping for McAfee 2020, it
helps if you are as informed as possible about these issues, and eager
to discuss them with others. This will help us set the narrative,
rather than the people that set it now.

Rob Loggia is the founder of LoggiaOnFire, and has been published in
the International Business Times UK, Digital Trends and on numerous
online blogs and platforms. He currently serves as the Chief Operating
Officer of Team McAfee. In 2015 he launched Vacant Minds Media as a
platform for content that other publishers won't touch. He also was a
member of the Core Team for John McAfee's 2016 bid for the office of
President, and is working to help plan McAfee 2020, with a primary
goal of bringing cryptocurrency to the forefront of national

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