cypherpunks Digest, Vol 66, Issue 55

morlockelloi at morlockelloi at
Tue Dec 25 22:30:56 PST 2018

Mr. May was amiable in person and exhibited high integrity. My take is 
that he detected the plague of identarianism early on, before many did, 
and had instinctive revulsion to it. Too bad so few did the same.

> From: John Young<jya at>
> Subject: Re: Timothy C. May tribute - TDS “#1Timothy C. May Fan Site”
> Tim relished hurling offensive language in the way Trump (and a slew
> of others) do against herdish PC. But he does not curse and spout
> vulgarities as if linguistic propriety enhances credibility, hard to
> imagine him bragging of grabbing pussies.

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