Pirate Radio: RF UWB SS SDR [was: Gatwick drones]

grarpamp grarpamp at gmail.com
Sat Dec 22 23:58:15 PST 2018

> Probably also coming soon, very high PGs wherein the codes, bandwidth and
> frequencies quickly hop according to a shared secret between the drone and
> its controller. This combination is being explored for possible Next
> Generation military comms.

It is said that this is already in public knowledge and operation
within SDR community.

Though instead of the conventional "bandwidth and frequencies",
all the observer sees on their spectrum is random noise, let's say
across entire spectral ranges... from start freq to end freq of entire
frequency range of ATSC / WiFi / Cellular / FM / Etc allocation
space... more generally, across entire start to end of whatever
capability range of the tx / rx hardware in use. And where a
pre shared or negotiated key is used to impart or mask
data into, and out of, the noise. It's not even that these may
have, or be, waveform carriers, as the noise may be spark
gaps driven, impulse / transform function generators, etc.

And the difficulty in triangulating such noise,
ie: how exactly does one lock onto random energy,
the galactic radiation problem, from everywhere
and nowhere.

Post links to your favorite papers on these topics.

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