Francais: gendarmerie respectfully observe Yellow Vests finish waltz to Edith Piaf before dismantling protest camp - [PEACE] [AS IN LITERALLY]

Zenaan Harkness zen at
Fri Dec 21 12:35:11 PST 2018

The title is kinda misleading - the (french military) police actually
stood back (as the article body explains) whilst the #GiletsJaunes protesters waltz
their last camp waltz. Piquant. Classically French. Go Yellow Vests!

 French spirit in motion: Yellow Vests waltz to Edith Piaf as police
 close down camp (VIDEO)

 … When French gendarmerie – military police – arrived to clear out a
 group of demonstrators who had set up camp outside the town, a
 troupe of Yellow Vests assembled for a final feat of heart-tugging

 Congregating around their makeshift bonfires, the yellow-clad
 resistors danced arm-in-arm to the tender strains of Edith Piaf. The
 military police, who had been sent to evict them, looked on –
 respectfully waiting, it seems, for the rousing French ballad to end
 before beginning their unpleasant work.

 This brief video tells a story that goes much deeper than opposition
 to fuel taxes or Emmanuel Macron – the nationwide Yellow Vest
 movement has stirred the French soul.

 Don’t hold your breath waiting for Western media to broadcast such
 images on every TV screen, however. Increasingly, the working-class
 protesters are being painted as dangerous extremists who have been
 spurred on by Moscow.

 CNN, for example, has claimed
 that “anti-immigration populists and hard-core fascists” are among
 those who fill the movement’s ranks – an apparent attempt to
 discredit the nationwide, cross-party movement.

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