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> >> 6 Reasons to Start Homeschooling ASAP
> >> https://www.zerohedge.com/news/2018-10-31/6-reasons-start-homeschooling-asap
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> > 	yeah you can teach the children about the virtues of trump and putin and how amazing white supremacists are. Even more important, you can mentally rape them with your christiano fascist propaganda from the craddle. 
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> vs. point out to them where the curriculum veers off into popular
> misconceptions and/or propaganda messaging, and provide access to
> supplemental information where and as indicated.
> "Brick and mortar" school teaches three lessons of great importance:
> 1)  Show up on time every day whether you want to or not.
> 2)  Do your assigned tasks as directed whether you want to or not.
> 3)  The people in charge always have all the final answers.
> Any other lessons learned present as added value for the economic and
> political actors who will exploit obedience trained public school
> inmates for the rest of their lives.
> The process of sorting future winners and losers includes giving higher
> quality instruction to the more obedient kids, while treating the less
> obedient as stupid and providing them with a "for losers" curriculum.
> More recently, drugging noncompliant students has joined the mix of
> strategies for shaping and limiting the social and political impact of
> "disruptive" personalities in tomorrow's crop of adults.
> "But what about socialization?"  What indeed - see above for the kind of
> socialization public schools provide.  It took 40 years to build a
> climate of fear sufficient to support literally outlawing normal,
> organic socialization, i.e. letting your kids run around with the
> neighbor kids.  As a result, public school and broadcast media get the
> final say as formative social influences on the peer relationships of
> tomorrow's adult consumers - except where parents remove public school
> from the mix and work to replace it with "real world" social development
> opportunities.
> Recommended reading, any and everything by this guy:
> https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/John_Taylor_Gatto

Motto: if you gonna home school, consider joining with other parents
in your area for moral support.

How School Districts Weaponize Child Protection Services Against
Uncooperative Parents
Parents are increasingly required to obey, to conform to a school’s
demands even if they believe such orders may not be appropriate for
their child...
… Public Schooling Breeds Obedience
… Weaponizing Child Protective Services
… Bullying Proactive Parents
  … Questioning various educational interventions and examining
  alternatives is part of a parent’s job

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