NYT admits Israel has right to exist as Jewish state, but not USA/ Euros as White states - [PEACE]

Zenaan Harkness zen at freedbms.net
Sat Dec 1 14:50:36 PST 2018

Fun from the Jew York Times, polling folks around the world, with
CNNPC in on the polling action too:



  … Nearly a quarter of the respondents said Jews have too much
  influence in conflict and wars. More than a quarter believe that
  Jews have too much influence in business and finance.

  … Nearly one in five believe that most anti-Semitism is a response
  to the behavior of Jews. Roughly a third say Jews use the Holocaust
  to advance their own goals.

  … Just 54 percent say Israel has the right to exist as a Jewish

  … Anti-Semitism has been a fact of European life for more than
  2,000 years.

Welp, ya gotta wonder why these facts are not actually refuted - over
and over, and over again Jewish publications such as Haaretz and NYT
cry about poll figures or social unrest revolving around Jews and "oy
vey, all dis anti-semitism!" yet never, ever, is the core issue
addressed - is it the behaviour of Israel that has people stand up
for the Palestinians?

Is it the truth of the facts of extreme Jewish influence over most of
American "political life", the Federal Reserve and therefore all
business and the economy and therefore the economic well being, or
soon to be something slightly different?

Where is the lie in people's belief that Jews use the Holocaust to
advance their own goals?

As they say, facts have this odd tendency to speak for themselves.

So thank you NYT and CNNPC for reminding us of a few facts.

TDS has their take on this of course too :)

Yeah But New York Times – Why Does Everyone Hate the Jews?

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