Next Year's Federal Military budget over $700 billion. Is that a problem?

grarpamp grarpamp at
Wed Aug 15 10:58:26 PDT 2018

> Does an AP market dominated by a bunch of the fucking
> ultra wealthy, whose interests I promise you do not align with yours, whatever sociopathic method they used to
> accrue their capital, even count as a functional AP market?

It's arguable whether anyone's interests align with anyone else,
however freedom from being murdered (and, and as part of, the
larger NAP principle) might be a starting baseline universal truth.

As to the wealthy 1% vs the poor 99% in an AP market...

When decentral anonymous crypto AP markets are proven bulletproof
(by reviews, by prior successful predictions, and by unconfirmed
predictions to take them down [1], etc) then a few things will
probably be true...

a) Those wealthy will be too busy bidding to murder each other
like mob bosses, thus thinning their herd and allowing higher
mass funded prices on their remaining heads.

b) The masses, again being anonymous and widespread, are
therefore simply not targetable... there's no proof of their action
thus no rationale to put out in a question for c) below. And the
prediction cost to get them all, over and above the already IRL
cost of enslaving them all, is double... better off just marching
your revolutionary guards down the street and murder them all at $0.25 a bullet.
Doing that also lowers their profit and revenue from slavery. Nor
are there enough crazies or fortune seekers out there to make
a dent before IRL people stop them. So there's no point.

c) No peasant is going to murder another peasant without both
- a good price, impossible as above.
- a good reason, none exist... and in this scenario they are all
brothers allies and comrades in class warfare.

So piss them off as in b) or c) and...

d) ... in goes whatever's left after taxes and TV, which could be
a lot once they figure out that an AP market is much more
cathartic gory and participatory fun than the fake gladiators
they see on TV.

[1] A strange wager to take down the same market the prediction
question is lodged in... winning that would never pay out, thus
all bids there are illogical.

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