China Gov Desperate to Survive, Advocates Internet Police State to World

Razer g2s at
Mon Apr 23 12:44:27 PDT 2018

On 04/22/2018 09:04 PM, grarpamp wrote:
> One of the sources...
> They're already monitoring and sharing, and steering the conversations
> controlling masses with fake news, censoring information dissemination
> is obviously within active scope and purpose as well. Yes, expect
> them to spin it with fake flowers because they know you like the
> happy smell.
> 'harmful, trouble, rumors'... lol, whatever.

There's absolutely nothing there that six eyes isn't doing, including 
direct censorship. The only difference is the Chinese leadership is 
honest about it, which gives their citizens the option of fucking them 
back. I give the Chinese government credit for that. Meanwhile the 
average Westerner would categorically deny their governments does any of 
that and their government denies they do it.

About that "Fucking them back" thing.

Compare what happens in China when a rogue cop kills a community member 
to what the typical American community does, then apply that to what 
COULD happen to their government if it didn't have the support of it's 
billion citizens regarding almost anything... Including internet 
surveillance. Meanwhile Americans don't support that sort of 
surveillance of themselves... But prefer to remain ignorant of it.


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