Google prepares publishers for the release of Chrome ad-blocking

grarpamp grarpamp at
Fri Apr 20 21:56:12 PDT 2018

> the attitude that people should get something for nothing

This was not first created by the users. It was created and proliferated
first by the companies that decided they could gobble up millions to
billions of sheeple in market share grabs to further abuse them, many
who were averse to carding and partly ID aware anyway, by giving away their
crap and candy crush for free. Now sheeple learning it was never really free
even then, that they got fucked, and are somewhat beginning to fight back.
If the top 100 free in alexa dropped the abusive selling out their users
and posted a shutdown date unless micropay came in via crypto,
they'd monetize right quick, and make crypto moon... well except for
the fact that they're by definition legacy services with legacy
ceo's / investors / policies and politik and basically suck ass anyway.
Bottom line, ad blockers are likely required for the fuckers evolve or die,
so turn em on and abuse them back, then leave them.

Which leaves a ton of new room for you to start new services
that are actually cool and honorable, recoup expenses,
and quite possible make a handy profit actually doing things
for the users instead of abjectly against them.

Nor are ads themselves necessarily the evil, they can be done ethically,
it's today's secret sellout games that goes on behind them.

The crypto economy will definitely reward any service
that isn't out to fuck their users, places them first,
and defends and lobbies for them as their customers.
It's a symbiotic balance that for too long has been tilted
against the users.

Crypto weed and vpn were the first examples.
Now there's all sorts of markets goods services worldwide,
both brick and mortar and virtual.

Crypto, anon, leaks, and activists are tilting it back.

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