Just how complete is censorship in the western cesspool?

juan juan.g71 at gmail.com
Wed Apr 11 19:30:47 PDT 2018

	Ok, so my search results include : 

 	1) fraudulent advertising from amazon and ebay trying to sell
 	phone bags as 'jammers'. . Though I also  got a result from
 	amazon in india apparently selling an authentic jammer. (side
 	note: so the amazon cancer already spread to india).

        2) a couple of sites allegedly selling jammers but whether the
        sites are run by the government or not seems hard to tell...

	3) make article
	linking to this broken link...

	but this seems to be the original source

	(project seems a bit too complex)

	I also found this
	(originally from phrack it seems)

	...and some other stuff. All of it it seems rather old, though
	the information is obviously still valid. 

	So there's more stuff than I originally thought though of
	course all the new articles are about the horribly catasthropic
	dangers of jamming. 






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