What Makes AI Dangerous?

grarpamp grarpamp at gmail.com
Mon Apr 9 22:29:30 PDT 2018

AI, as a neural processor, cheaply replacing
human farms that do the same thing, is an issue.
But it's not AI [yet] that goes out and does the devil's
datacollection / surveillance, by force of sanction,
politic, and gun, that the AI would be tasked by scum
to process. That's still purely in realm of scum humans,
backed again assuredly by such strange forces.
Corp become more vulnerable pliable entities after larger
state sanction removed. Doesn't mean sheeple
won't flock to them anyway. But still, remove the
overarching sanctifier and life gets easier and safer,
even against AI, a free market of same. When the global
sanctifier both creates virii war abuse slavery poverty starvation
econ meltdowns, and cannot contain / solve them, it's redundant.
Well, enjoy the bots, they're coming. Battlebots and trophy
hunters, ftw. Being human might just have a purpose again.

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