Criminal Justice Reform

Ryan Carboni ryacko at
Sun Apr 29 21:31:37 PDT 2018

Upon looking into the Stephen Avery case, I came to a conclusion.
A large fraction of the people in prison are guilty for each others crimes.

This is what no one would admit to. Which brings new meaning to guilty
beyond a reasonable doubt.

I also question how it took so long for so many federal forensic tests to
be declared bunk when there are so many nonprofit groups, the most
prominent receiving tens of millions a year.

I don't think you will ever hear a non-profit group in one stroke, from
indirect involvement, exonerating thousands of prisoners. There's an
innocence project, but no one is examining why everything is so incredibly
flawed and incompetent.

Clearly the most likely source for change would be someone actually
intelligent opening their mouth and pointing this out...
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