EU Com Has BAD Idea — Mandatory Biometric ID Cards, Census, Privacy, Travel

grarpamp grarpamp at
Sun Apr 29 18:59:07 PDT 2018

Funny how people always afraid to say the
real underlying fundamentals...

- that beastmarking dataming etc foster arbitrary control theft
slavery abuse unfree travel futuer adverse affects actions etc
- that guns back up freedom through overthrowing all the bullshit

so they keep throwing all these pussified sideways analysis
arguments like 'chips / db's not secure enough', 'voting, background
checks, regulation, registration good / work great, trust us', etc, etc.

"he surprised me by saying that his parents and siblings were taken to
the internment camps (he is Japanese- American). But he still doesn't
see anything wrong with the census [same datamining preprocessing
happening today]."
Now who were Facebook's parents... Jews who should know better than to datamine.

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