Marxist apopalypse begins

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Cultural-/ neo- marxism, the fundament of our "modern" and largely
Godless society, as Jordan Peterson points out so poignantly.

Tom Luongo is a little "daily tabloid" in his somewhat adjective
laden summary of the historical moment we are collectively
witnessing, yet it's accurate - the game is steadily shifting, a
steam roller of woke thankfully overarching the left/right identity
schism which was seemingly unstoppable in its bifurcationing rift
tearing society apart.

Kanye West And The Utopia Trap

The Culture War is over.  The Marxists lost.

They were always going to lose.  Because cultural Marxism cannot
sustain itself without feeding off of other people’s wealth.  It’s a
parasitic ideology that first consumes the host then drives it mad to
destroy everyone else.

After the 2016 election of Donald Trump when Kanye West had his
famous meltdown on stage and walked off during a show it was a
pivotal moment.

Many saw an enfant terrible throwing a tantrum and crying for
attention  But I didn’t.  I heard a man whose world-view was in flux
and causing him real pain.

The kind of pain that changes a man.

It’s a moment when you look at what you’ve built and see it for what
it is.  In Kanye’s case it wasn’t his art that was the problem, it
was the reaction to it.  The system supporting it.

He saw the politics and structure of the music industry, rightly, as
just another mechanism of social control. He railed against radio,
MTV and the rest of the distribution system.

He saw his place within it, how it was driving artists and fans
apart, to bicker and argue while the real power lay with those
controlling and stoking the conflicts.

And he torched it.  Willingly.  With an almost hyper self-awareness.

Fast forward to this week when Kanye emerges from his personal 40
days in the desert and tweets out, as Scott Adams said, “Seven Words
that Changed Everything.”

    I love the way Candace Owens thinks
    — KANYE WEST (@kanyewest) April 21, 2018

Scott’s right about that.  I’m not sure about his whole “Golden Age”
thing (watch the video linked above).  But, I am sure that Kanye West
put paid his promise to his fans that he pissed off in November 2016
that he would be a change agent.

That he wasn’t going to go along to get along, stay quiet, be a good
boy and reap the benefits of a system he saw as corrupt and

Like Kanye or hate him, in this moment you have to respect him.

What he did this week goes far beyond red-pilling a large swath of
the American black community about how the Democrats take them for
granted, use them for their purposes.

What he did was throw the entirety of cultural Marxism into the
ashbin of history.  He just took a massive dump on the entire canon
of identity politics.

And then he lit it on fire and threw it on the Gatekeepers of
Culture’s front door.
Actions Over Intentions

I don’t know how much of Kanye’s original rant was calculated
performance art but I don’t care.  As an economist I’ve trained
myself to dispense with such nonsense.

Because you don’t measure a man by his intentions.  You measure him
by his actions.

This is one of the fundamental issues of identity politics and
Marxism. The insistence that intentions are more important than

Cultural Marxists wrap themselves in the moral high ground, stating
their intentions are noble and selfless. The are putting the
community over themselves, while denigrating those honest enough to
admit they act for themselves first and the community second.

And this is their defense mechanism for deflecting criticism when
their plans fail.

At least our intentions were pure. 

But, as Ayn Rand rightly pointed out, altruism doesn’t exist.  One
helps another person because it satisfies their own needs first and
the object of their help second.

Some people get immense satisfaction in helping others.

And there is nothing immoral about that. It doesn’t taint their good
works with the stain of profit.   It simply is.

So, I don’t care if Kanye did these things for purely selfish reasons
or not.  I don’t think he did.  But, he could be the kind of
malignant narcissist his critics accuse him of being, most of whom
today side with the cultural Marxists.

I just know that whatever his reasons he destroyed the narrative of
minority victimization.  And he did it with the precision of a brain
surgeon, cutting out the ideological rot in millions of brains with
seven words.

As a writer, I’m a bit jealous.

As a human being I’m eternally grateful.
It’s Not My Fault!

And this is why the Culture War is over. It’ll take some time, but
this period of history is the culmination of more than a hundred
years of Marxism as the dominant political ideology.

Their long march through the institutions is complete just in time to
see all of these institutions fail.

They aren’t failing all at once.  A pension system here, a small
country’s hyperinflation there.  But they are failing.

Why? Because central planning in all its forms is beset with what
Hayek called, “The Knowledge Problem.”

In short it is that the most important knowledge, that of time and
place most relevant to individual actions, is unknowable to the
central planner.  And that propagates errors in policy which
ultimately is capital destructive.

It is why global debt is out of control.  It is why the central
planners made the Faustian bargain with the banking cartel to create
debt-based money to fund their Utopia. The Marxists get wealth
redistribution but at the cost of the banks’ vig.

And everyone else suffers.

As we approach the moment where we finally reach the end of the
societal road paved with debt these institutions will fail more

Cultural Marxism is, like all collectivist ideologies, Utopian.  By
divorcing intentions from consequences it not only insulates itself
from criticism but sells itself as a path to higher plane of
spirituality which it can’t deliver.

It justifies ends with means that are abhorrent and, like all
psychopaths, blames its victims.

It’s never their fault when people are starving in the streets,
throwing acid on infidels and selling aborted fetuses to the highest

No.  Basic welfare is a right.  Open borders? a right.  Abortion, a
The Utopia Trap

And that’s the Utopia Trap, the idea that we can make Heaven on Earth
by appropriating the life and time of another person through enforced
communal responsibility.

On the other hand is the staunch individualist who understands that
life is suffering, time is precious and death inevitable.

So, no matter what bad decisions we as individuals make they are
still better than the ones the willfully ignorant and ideologically
blinded make for us.

So, as the Culture War grinds to its inevitable conclusion, we humans
will emerge from this foray into mass insanity known as Marxism
smarter just like we did when we overthrew the High Priests of the
Sun Gods and the Divine Rights of Kings.

And if we have people like Kanye West and, yes, Donald Trump, to be
our Loki figures, gleefully blowing holes in their Utopian dreams so
be it.  Because, honestly, who is better suited for that job?

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