MIT Technology Review: “genetics must account for more than half of intelligence”

Zenaan Harkness zen at
Sat Apr 7 17:21:41 PDT 2018

So the "everyone is absolutely bloody equal dangit!" crowd were right
and diversity omelettes will definitely lead to more happiness,
wealth and a generally brighter future.

Or something ...
Mainstream Science Magazine Affirms Genetic Basis for Intelligence
DNA tests for IQ are coming, but it might not be smart to take one

direct link to the paper:

Remember, to the neo-marxists, individuality, especially on any basis
of recognition, improvement and mastery of ones traits, especially
IQ, is grounds for instant dismissal from life - look at Maoist
China, Stalin's purges, Pol Pot and the rest - the Marxist dictators
of the "Left" start by "purging" the intellectual 'elite' (the
educated, the wealthy, the competent), and then, as has been
repeatedly pointed out, starts eating itself (one could guess this is
out of fear, since so much murder has recently taken place).

Happens every single time in history that the lefty marxists take

Just like you can guess who's behind today's suppression of free

 Every. Single. Time.

>From the MIT article above:

  Several educators contacted by MIT Technology Review reacted with
  alarm to the new developments, saying DNA tests should not be used
  to evaluate children’s academic prospects.

You see, IQ capacity, and the development of one's capabilities, is
seen as a literal threat - i.e. the dominance hierarchy is largely
predicted by IQ and conscientiousness leading to social standing,
which is the overwhelming predictor of access to sexual partners and
position in the dominance hierarchy (as Jordan Peterson junkies now
well know), and having such knowledge quantified empirically is seen
as a threat.

Thus the dozens of millions of murdered dead bodies piled up during
the last century.

Learn your lessons, folks.

And create your world,

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