Strong Privacy / Survivability [ref: ZKP, was: Proof of Work]

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> Zero-knowledge proofs (and other topics)

Bitcoin BTC and subsequent coins, all of them until no more than
~2 years ago, rolled out with massive downgrade to how fiat cash
/ banking work... in that entire blockhain transaction history both
exists, and is visible to all. Without so much as consent or notice
or pemission by anyone or anything, anyone can divine and rummage
significant of your history at will forever. Horrible downgrade.

Yet such existance and visibility are not requirements to a functional
currency. Only that UTXO set [1] are considered by the system to be
valid, thus acceptable and trusted as future inputs. Not required
are the privacy destroying, colorable arbitrary fungibility breaking,
forever datamined, unneeded disk bloating, etc nature of this major
feature downgrade to existing p2p / proxied fiat.

Back then perhaps true ZK crypto privacy or any other
cryptographically strong privacy method was unknown
/ unimplemented. You may think of more methods.

However system software network design validating and keeping
only the UTXOs was more than likely possible.

Of course to keep rogues software from datamining... strong crypto
way is still needed. And having that, then all participants will
discard all spent records as inefficient, forever unvisable, dead
weight. You must think up such designs.

Today strong privacy is generally thought at least possible, and has
two different approaches implemented and deployed in active networks
competing live in the marketplace today. You must review methods and
approaches in the research, and further consider of how to move
beyond entry level scale and even tx types there.

Generally in coins... is up to users to choose use enable or disable
privacy capable coins by default, per-tx, or other basis. And to
you to awaken, where others may fail, why such coins exist.

Cypherpunk philosophy cannot survive in any coin that is non
private or readily blockable... only when encoded in coins that
are only / selectably private, running as / in fully encrypted
and resistant networks, with DEXs, mining, etc all as part.

Which means that non private cryptocurrencies will not survive
any different than fiat central in long term. You may think of
many reasons why.

Survivability is from and of many things... including elements of such
philosophy. Much can and must be improved and implemented there.

[1] Basic ledger transfers, yet even as possible to
multisig, operations, contracts, etc.

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