USA: Federal "law enforcement" investigating “#ItsOKToBeWhite” nappies

Zenaan Harkness zen at
Tue Apr 3 16:05:04 PDT 2018

> >   #ItsOKToBeWhite

 #ItsOKToBeWhite ← The meme with veheme
                   (and blue haired blonde eyed babes)

So some memesters are stirring some trigger-flakes with serious nappy
power - that is, inserting "IT'S OK TO BE WHITE" cards into diaper
boxes at Target.

OK, so someone really had some spare time on their hands - I mean,
how many eyeballs are going to view your card from ONE nappy box?
So you do a dozen boxes, hoping security cams don't catch you, and
you MIGHT get a dozen eyeballs? Well, IDK, this just might be super
effective, good luck with that, one can only hope, right?

I guess they'll be REALLY effective since the cards were laminated :D

But here's the good part: at least one trigger-flake got one of these
nappy boxen with one of these URL emblazened laminated cards, and
contacted “local and federal law enforcement”.

Well how di doo! Mission, accomplished my fellow golden golemns - the
poop wars have, literally, begun!

And the Anti-Defamation League, that champion of Jewish freedom from
triggering speech, is totally all over this case like a fly to :
 ADL Judenrats Call Local and Federal Cops Over “It’s Okay to Be
 White” Card in Diaper Box

Seriously, this level of infestigation is right up CNN's dumpster
diving, granny harrassing, bong lung promoting and whore stalking
"reporting", so we can be sure of some FBI "leaks" to CNN on this
toxic poop meme, and if we're super lucky Mueller will be on it like
Hillary Clinton at a baby shower ...

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