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Subject: Pursuance's Progress: Updates Galore! 💥

Upcoming RightsCon talks, Kickstarter campaign, Aaron Swartz Day video,
Live AMA recording, and more!
*Democracy bites back*
After a stint of radio silence, we're back!

For the past few months we've been fully immersed in building Pursuance --
secure, open source software that amplifies the efforts of activists,
journalists, and nonprofits, leading ultimately to a vast and formidable
ecosystem of opposition to institutionalized injustice.

We've made a lot of progress on the platform, we're excited about the
future, and we want you to get involved.  Here's the rundown.

*WHAT'S BEEN HAPPENING* (aka "the haps")

1. Pursuance software development and alpha testing

Pursuance Project staff and volunteers have been hard at work on building
the Pursuance System.  It's reached the stage in its development where the
Pursuance team has begun using it to coordinate ourselves internally --
that's right, using Pursuance (the software) to coordinate Pursuance (the
nonprofit)! -- helping us to ensure the software is developed to meet
real-world needs by using it ourselves and sorting out the kinks as we go.

*Want to play around with the platform yourself and help shape its
direction?*  Schedule a session with our technical lead and project manager
Steve Phillips by emailing team at pursuanceproject.org with the subject line
"Pursuance testing: let's do this"
<team at pursuanceproject.org?subject=Pursuance%20testing%3A%20let's%20do%20this&body=Hi%20Steve%20and%20the%20rest%20of%20the%20Pursuance%20team%2C%0A%0AWhat%20I'm%20excited%20about%20Pursuance%2Fwhat%20I%20want%20to%20use%20it%20for%3A%20>

(And if you're a Linux-y/sys admin/command line person or developer, check
out github.com/PursuanceProject/pursuance
("check out", git it?).  We've written a deploy script and some
documentation that will make it easier for you to spin up your own
instance.  Oh, and send us feedback!
<team at pursuanceproject.org?subject=Feedback&body=%23%23%20What%20I%20liked%0A%0A%0A%23%23%20What%20I'd%20like%20to%20see%20improved%0A%0A%0A%23%23%20What%20I'd%20like%20to%20see%20added>

2. Spreading the message

The Pursuance team has traveled far and wide over the past few months,
recruiting developers and communicating the greater vision.  We performed the
first public, live demo of Pursuance
at Aaron Swartz Day in San Francisco, right after attending re:publica in
Dublin, where we spoke to nonprofits about their software needs, especially
related to managing and amplifying the effectiveness of volunteers.

In December, project lead Steve Phillips conducted a session on
Pursuance at Chaos Communication Congress in Germany, working alongside our
Director of Operations Annalise Burkhart and security/programming volunteer
AJ Bahnken.  We enjoyed showcasing Pursuance and the associated vision,
learned a lot from the international crowd, and got some great ideas and
feedback during a couple epic brainstorming sessions.

(Image: AJ, Steve, and Annalise in Germany at CCC.)

3. Explaining the platform (videos)

Just last week, Barrett Brown busted out the ol' whiteboard and his
brand-spankin'-new web cam to describe the organizational structures the
Pursuance System will support; you can watch that video here

*In case you missed it:* here's the recording of the Live AMA that Barrett
and Steve did in September, answering your questions:


1. We're putting together a Kickstarter campaign!

To rapidly accelerate the development of Pursuance, we're designing a
Kickstarter campaign that will cover costs for two of our core developers
to work on the system full-time!  And it's going to include some *killer*
(though non-violent) rewards.  Be on the lookout for more information about
this, and tell all your friends!  We'll alert you when it goes live *near
the end of May*.

2. We're going to RightsCon!

RightsCon is an international tech and human rights conference, organized
by the digital rights NGO Access Now.  RightsCon 2018 will take place May
16-18 in Toronto, Canada.

Members of the Pursuance team have been invited to speak at not one, but
*two* sessions!  Technical lead and project manager Steve Phillips will be
presenting a live demo of the Pursuance platform, and Barrett Brown will
speak as part of a truly all-star panel covering lessons learned from past
activism, plus their visions for 21st century activism.  The other
panelists include Naomi Colvin (Courage Foundation), Birgitta Jónsdóttir
(poetician, spokesperson for the International Modern Media Institute
(IMMI), and prominent member of the Pirate Party in Iceland), Jesselyn
Radack (whistleblower, attorney representing many whistleblowers, and heads
the Whistleblower and Source Protection Program (WHISPeR) at ExposeFacts),
Diani Barreto (journalist and researcher on whistleblowing at ExposeFacts
and Courage Foundation), and Thomas Drake (NSA whistleblower).

Our team will be at RightsCon the entire weekend, so if you'd like to chat, let
us know! <team at pursuanceproject.org>


1. Volunteer for user testing

As mentioned above, if you’re interested in testing out Pursuance, email us
<team at pursuanceproject.org>!  This is a great way to help us tailor the
software to your needs; that, or you just really want to dole out some
criticism.  Either way, we'd love your feedback.

2. Lend your design/UX skills!

With all these recent developments, we’re looking for a lead product
designer to join our growing team. Ideally, you would be able to contribute
15 hours/week to perfecting Pursuance's app UX on both desktop and mobile
(web).  You'll be actively engaged with the rest of the team, and play a
critical role.  It's helpful if you're located in the Bay Area, but not a
requirement; a number of us work remotely.

Pursuance is a labor of love; nobody is getting paid to do this (yet).  We
are looking for an individual who, just like everyone else involved, is
willing to volunteer their time and energy for a future they believe in.
We have a Kickstarter campaign going live in the near future; if it’s
successful, we’ll be able to compensate you for your hard work.  Until
then, we offer camaraderie and bottomless gratitude.  Help us make this

All interested parties should contact team at pursuanceproject.org with
"Pursuance UX" in the subject line
<team at pursuanceproject.org?subject=Pursuance%20UX>.

3. Contribute code

Calling all (React) coders!  Here's what you need to get started:

Tech stack: React, Redux, Bootstrap; Go, Postgres, PostgREST; WebSockets;
NaCl and miniLock
for crypto.  Will later use React Native to build Android and iOS apps, and
Electron for the cross-platform desktop app, once the web app and backend
APIs have further stabilized.

GitHub gist getting you up to speed ASAP: gist.github.com/elimisteve/

Primary GitHub repo: github.com/PursuanceProject/pursuance
.  See README.md for dev environment setup instructions.

Link to our developer chat server (join the "pursuance" channel):

4. Contribute $$$

The funds you donate will enable our programmers to devote more of their
time to developing the Pursuance System. We accept various cryptocurrencies
and PayPal
Every bit helps!


Do you have a question or would like to get involved somehow, but don't
know where to start?  Just send an email to Annalise Burkhart
<annalisejb at protonmail.com>, Director of Operations.  She has been
coordinating outreach, and would love to hear from you.

We'll keep you updated on Pursuance's developments and the team's
activities in the coming weeks and months.  Thanks again for your support!


The Pursuance Team

*"Political questions are far too serious to be left to the politicians."
--Hannah Arendt*
<team at pursuanceproject.org>
*Copyright © 2018 Pursuance Project, All rights reserved.*
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