[POLITICS] [CULTURAL ETHNIC WAR] The Jewish War On White Australia Continues

juan juan.g71 at gmail.com
Sun Apr 1 15:43:51 PDT 2018

On Sat, 31 Mar 2018 22:59:10 +1100
Zenaan Harkness <zen at freedbms.net> wrote:

>  - deport any and every migrant who is convicted of any violent crime

  deport any WASP convicted of any violent crime as well I assume? I
  suggest you start by deporting cops. They are all guilty of
  extortion, for starters. 

>  - stop immigration from those places where we are bombing brown
>    children

  ....and you have the divine right to prevent people from freely
  traveling, how, exactly? 

>  - oh, and stop bombing brown children in foreign lands where we
>    have absolutely no right or authority (other than thuggery) to be
>    there


> Without this, the West (including Australia) shall continue to
> disintegrate

  It would be very very good if the west and australia 'disintegrated'
  but that's not happening at all.

  also, you seem to be missing the point about the joos. Joos and WASPs
  are exactly the same kind of fascist with close anti-cultural ties. 

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