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>> I’ve been using electrum on android and Linux for the past 18
>> months or so, and can only second Juan’s recommendation -
>> it’s worked quite well for me. There’s even a “bitcoin atm” near
>> my house where you can deposit cash and specify a wallet 
>> address (or scan a qr code) - although I haven’t used the atm
>> since prices got above 1k/btc, so it’s been a little while ;)

>    For completness' sake I guess we should mention that one has to
    be reasonaby sure that the machine running electrum (or other
    client) isn't 'compromised' / has some sort of coin stealing
Yes, I recall reading on a blog of this potential problem.  Do ordinary anti-virus programs have the ability to detect such problems before they BECOME real problems?
               Jim Bell


    Also, best practice is to have most of your funds in cold

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