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\0xDynamite dreamingforward at gmail.com
Thu Nov 30 07:54:58 PST 2017

>> > First thought was "thoughts", but the electron synapse reaction time
>> > is rather measurable I believe, and so in principle the manifestation
>> > of the thought as a set of images (or words or what have you), is
>> > most likely O(1).
>> >
>> > Perhaps O(0) is things that could have happened, but did not happen?
>> In C, printf("Hello world.") is an O(1) function (the number of
>> charactes is constant), but in Python, I'm suggesting that it might be
>> O(0) due to Python being designed as a high-level language, where the
>> # of characters isn't considered for computing the function, but as
>> seen as one operation.
>> That's my take...
> That's not what it means / how it works. I'm not much of a
> mathematician, but O(1) simply means a routine that will always
> take the same amount of time, regardless the input data.

But what of a call like PRINT 1?  It is different than a call like
PRINT "How many characters will have to be output", yes?  So, I
believe there is a meaningful difference to actually make an O(0)
designation for the sake of completeness.

Thank you.  You may be seated.


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