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Sun Nov 19 15:46:20 PST 2017

On Nov 18, 2017 22:26, "Untouchables: The Movie"
<indiaknowsth at> wrote a lot of hostile and cruel stupid


Viz, just be yourself and follow your own rhythm here.  You can feed
the trolls or not, it's your choice, but I recommend to use filters
and ignore them.  These stupids never provide any "tip on escaping the
matrix" and one of them simply wants to receive a bit of attention
because is an old bald ugly man, rejected by his misadjusted family.
It's pretty obvious that Zenaan suffers from wild insecurity and has a
really extreme penis-size deficit and a huge erectile dysfunction.
Viagra doesn't make miracles, tsk tsk...  ;)

Again, Viz: be welcome and feel free!  It's a cypherpunk anarchist
list.  Just remember the Laws of Physics: - "For every action in
nature there is an equal and opposite reaction".  Actions and
reactions...  If possible, keep calm and be excellent to each other!

Tender kisses from Brazil!  <3


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