blocking coinhive / JS miners

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Sat Nov 18 09:11:59 PST 2017

The coinhive creator put out authedmine for those interested in using an opt-in JS miner in their websites. Seems like a fair use of a JS miner to me.

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> Subject: blocking coinhive / JS miners
> Local Time: November 17, 2017 2:50 PM
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> This info might be useful for those that don't totally block
> JavaScript in their browser, but want to be sure to block the new
> influx of JS-based miners (eg coinhive).
> I came across the list in a discussion of the new quad9 free DNS
> service (at, hence the name), which supposedly blocks the
> resolution of malware / botnets / "bad-guys" / etc, but is not
> blocking any of these sites serving out JS mining code. I'd be
> curious to know what anyone thinks of the quad9 DNS service.. I've
> not turned it on yet anywhere, but will probably play with it at
> home soon..
> Anyway, the list of sites serving out mining JS lives at the
> following:
> The fellow who maintains this list has a little makefile one level
> up that will add each host as to your /etc/hosts file, if
> that's what you would like to do with such a list. Details:
> John
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