minix - tannenbaum won!

juan juan.g71 at
Thu Nov 9 08:23:47 PST 2017

On Thu, 9 Nov 2017 10:07:19 -0500
John Newman <jnn at> wrote:

> Tannenbaum's open letter to Intel is also a good read:

	not seeing much of value there - I would have expected a
	principled and scathing attack on the biggest fascist chip
	manufacturer on the plaenet and their 'management engine' but
	there is onli one line in a post script.

	also, the fact that motherfucking intel gets to 'save' money by
	using free stuff isn't exactly good news either. 

	last but not least, at some point it's quite ridiculous for
	open source advocates to give weapons to their enemies. 


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