mesh networking

\0xDynamite dreamingforward at
Mon Nov 6 18:07:41 PST 2017

This isn't for mom and pop.  This is for anarchists and
revolutionaries of culture.


On 11/6/17, Zenaan Harkness <zen at> wrote:
>> The tech definitely exists - they have some power specs on their site
> Mesh networking is dynamic in topography and other ways (power,
> low friction to joining, etc) that it has the potential to be
> disruptive in a useful way, in a time frame that some folks could
> relate to - i.e. in comparison to N2N/ neighbour to neighbour
> ethernet/ physical networking.
> There does however be a need to have some persistence of networking I
> imagine - completely unpredictable networking is not so popular with
> mom and pop needing the "browser" babysitter for the kids...

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